Saatchi this, Saatchi that

В основата на доброто интервю стоят много добрите въпроси. Интервюто с Чарлз Сачи (не от кренвиршите Сачи), на което попаднах в Guardian, не притежава ефекта “Уау!”, но пък има и добри попадения:

Does a love of art, particularly Renaissance art on a biblical theme, make one feel closer to God?

I believe God must be very disappointed in his handiwork. Mankind has clearly failed to evolve much in all these years; we’re still as cretinous and barbaric as we were many centuries ago, and poor God must spend all day shaking his head at our vileness and general ineptitude. Or perhaps, we might just give him a good laugh. But of course, I hope God likes our art enough to forgive us our sins, particularly mine.

Звучи хем арогантно, хем правдоподобно. “Хем” е персийска дума. Интересно е и как Сачи се е забъркал в рекламния бизнес:

Before you went into advertising, what other career did you consider?

“Consider” isn’t quite how it was. At 17 and with two O-levels to show after a couple of attempts, a career path wasn’t realistic, nor a chat with the Christ’s College careers officer, who wouldn’t have recognised me in any event as my absenteeism record was unrivalled. I answered a situations vacant ad in the Evening Standard for a voucher clerk, pay £10 weekly. It was in a tiny advertising agency in Covent Garden, and a voucher clerk had to traipse round all the local newspaper offices in Fleet Street – of which there were hundreds at the time – and pick up back copies of papers in which the agency’s clients had an advert appearing. The voucher clerk’s role was to get the newspaper, find the ad, stick a sticker on it so the client could verify its appearance, and the agency could get paid. Vital work, obviously. One of the advantages of it being a tiny agency was that one day they got desperate when their creative department (one young man) was off sick, and they asked me if I could try and make up an ad for one of their clients, Thornber Chicks. This ad was to appear in Farmer and Stock-Breeder magazine, and hoped to persuade farmers to choose Thornbers, as their chicks would grow to provide many cheap, superior quality eggs and a fine return. I didn’t know how you wrote an ad, or indeed how to write anything much other than “I will not be late for assembly”, for which I had been provided much practice. So I looked through copies of Farmer and Stock-Breederand Poultry World, chose some inspiring-sounding words and phrases, cobbled them together, stuck on a headline – I think I stole it from an old American advertisement – and produced “Ask the man who owns them” as a testimonial campaign featuring beaming Thornber farmers. The client bought it.

Да живеят случайностите. Цялото интервю e тук.

2 thoughts on “Saatchi this, Saatchi that

  1. Много ми хареса заглавието.

    Толкова, че чак ми се дорови в нета за реклами(те) на Saatchi & Saatchi 🙂

    П.П. Навремето имаше един blogspot, цялото съдържание на което преливаше от различни (и много класни) реклами. Били те като изображения или клипове 😉
    Един от първите блогове попадали ми.
    Сега обаче… не го знам дали съществува… и ако да – под какво име точно…


  2. Има много такива блогове – аз следя поне стотина. Ще измисля някакъв начин да ги share-на 🙂

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