Изкуство и самота

The exhibition Fierce friends: Artists & animals in the Industrial Era, 1750-1900 (5 October 2005 – 5 February 2006) is all about the relationship between man and animal. On Friday evenings this theme will be central in meetings with artists, scientists, and in guided tours, lectures and films. Also during the exhibition, every Friday evening in the Van Gogh Museum you can find a suitable date using the animal signs in Chinese astrology. Pick up a button at the information desk with the animal of your birth year and a description of the animal signs you are most compatible with. Now all you have to do is muster up the courage to go up and talk to your match and, who knows, you just might leave the museum together!

Светът наистина е станал самотно място. Цитатът е от интернет страницата на музея на Ван Гог в Амстердам.

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